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For questions about membership, technical issues, or general feedback, please email us at support[at]qz[dot]com.

You can also check out our other FAQs here.

Everything else! 

📰Quartz Newsroom

To contact a member of the Quartz staff, tap or click any byline on Quartz for that writer’s email address, social media accounts, and latest stories. In a pinch, you can reach us at [first initial][last name]@qz.com.

Quartz accepts a very limited number of freelance pitches. If you are interested in submitting a pitch, please use our Staff section to find the relevant editor and reach out to them directly. We appreciate your interest, but can’t promise a reply.

We also have several ways to reach us confidentially.

💸Ads, PR, and Licensing

You can get in touch with us about advertising opportunities at ads@qz.com. You can find the Quartz Creative showcase site here, and our latest media kit here.

For media and broadcast inquiries, speaker requests, and press passes to Quartz events, please contact Ashley Huston at ahuston@qz.com.

To license Quartz articles for republication in print or digital formats, please email license@qz.com.

📫Mailing Address

Quartz has staff throughout the world, but our headquarters are in New York City and London. Our mailing address in New York is 675 Avenue of the Americas, Suite 410, New York, NY, 10010. Our mailing address in London is 2 Riding House Street, Marylebone, London, W1W 7FA.

📜RSS Feed

Here’s our RSS feed of all stories published on qz.com. You can generally obtain the feed for sections of Quartz—obsessions, tags, authors—by adding /feed to the end of the URL. You can also remix our feeds on IFTTT.

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